Potentiality Portret digital (only outside NL,BE,DE)


Selflove is the key to grow into your potential.
With your own unique Potentiality Portret you will put yourself in the (spot)light and remind yourself daily of your beauty, your worth and your potential. It will guide you and align your (sub)consciousness to your highest potential.

To give your portret the very best outcome it should be printed.
Shiping a poster for long distances however will be needlessly environmentally taxing and risking damaging the poster in the process. Hence, if you live outside of NL,BE,DE, I’ll ask you to print the poster yourself at a proffesional printer close to home. I will send you the file and instructions you need to send it to the printer. It’s easy peasey.


Your Potentiality Portret will include:

– your very own uniquely designed portret,
– atuned to your needs and Being,
– loaded with affirmations, sacred geometry, mantras/yantras, celestial bodies, guides and/or elements,
– full resolution digital version (sent to your email) for you to use on desktop/phone/tablet background,
social media, websites or other.
– printingfile and instructions so that you can easily send it to a proffesional printshop close to home.

All I need from you is a photograph off yourself.

Your portret will be designed in atunement and in connection to your Being. I ask you for your trust in the highest outcome.
The end result cannot be negotiated or altered.