Take a Hike

An absurdistic journey through coniousness

My first publication of word is now here: Take a Hike!

After 3 years of on and off (mostly off) writing, Take a Hike has found its final form in which it can now
set out on its own journey and come to you to take you along.

Take a Hike is a bundle of absurdistic poetry and short story that each convey their own message and their place in the bigger whole. That bigger whole is a story, a journey, that cannot be said in words and will emerge behind them while you’re reading. And that journey is inspired by my own journey of self discovery and contemplation of life, but it will be a fresh and open road for you to walk on and discover what it has to offer you.

“Let me lead you out of construct,
Out of mental mediocracy.
Out into the blooming meadow
Where the mind can wonder free”

In honour of the book I released three videos of poems and stories. You can watch them in the video section. If you are ready to go for the full hike, go the shop where you can get a copy of the book.