Michaël is a Dutch musician and soundhealer who effertlessly weaves these qualities of music together; bringing music into healing and healing into music.

As a singer-songwriter he draws his inspirations from both the spiritual and the earthly, which results in a rich blend of mantra and medicinemusic and musical influences like jazz, pop and world music. With his warm and unique guitar play and and angelic vocal sound his music will soothes your nerves, open your heart and lift your spirit.

After a journey of exploration in mantra, meditation, soundhealing, shamanism, ceremony and more, his own music came into blossom with the release of the EP “to the Mountain and Back” (2017) and the album “Æ” (2018), after which he frequently shared his music on stage. Opening for the likes of Nessi Gomes and Peia as well as playing Dutch festivals and gatherings, music seemed to be an open path to commit to.

Life, however, had a different plan, when in 2019 Michaël became father of his first daughter Inay, followed by his second, Bodhi, in 2021. Dedicating himself to a new way of life, nurturing the family, music had to wait and playing music was fading, though never lost. In these years of deep transformation, coming into reality with himself and builing a strong foundation in life, new songs were written and recorded, resulting a new album which brings a far more mature and honoust sound. “The Innerwithin” will be born in the springtime of 2024 and flow into the world.

Next to his music, Michaël brings his mission of healing sound into the world through his company Vital Vibrations, offering Singing Cirlces, Soundhealing Concerts and Tuningfork treatments.

“Vibration is the language of nature. Speaking it will enable us to communicate to our own nature
in the most direct way possible, alligning body, mind and soul to our essence
and connecting to the hidden powers within ourselves”