æ CD
1. Soulfire
2. Familia Sagrada
3. Pacha Mama
4. Follow your rhythm
5. Medicina
6. Love is the heart singing
7. Ide were were
8. We are vibration
9. Wakan Tanka


"Were the ethereal and the earthly planes colide, that's where "æ" comes in. The results of which is a wide variety of musical styles
blending with spiritual medicine songs, and traditional worldly flavours, that will both touch you deeply in the heart aswell as ground you firmly into the earth.
The first full length studio album containing some very gifted guest musicians and full arrangements to really take you on a journey!

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To the Mountain and Back (EP)

1. Himalaya
2. You are here
3. Laughter in your eyes
4. Mother Nature

"To the Mountain and Back is a 4 song EP that was written on a hikingjourney through the Himilayan mountains of Nepal in the beginning of 2017.
Accompanied by a ukulele-sized guitar, I walked through one of the most stunning and profound experiences of my life. The tales and the insights transmitted by the mountains, were shaped in these delicate and hearttouching songs. Once back from the mountains, they where recorded in the Dreams Recording Studio in Kathmandu.
This EP is part of the Music for Nepal project; all donations will go to realizing music instruments for children in Nepal, to give them the chance to learn to play music."

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The Goodness of life (EP)

1. Hari Om (Love will take us higher)
2. Radha Ramana
3. Tayata
4. Sinai
5. the Goodness of Life
6. Magnificience

A beautifull fusion of the holy mantra's with pop orientated song writing. With Linda Maria on vocal, harp and harmonium, Bob Verheul on percussion and an additional choir makes "the Goodness of Life" a diverse exploration in the power of music.

Digital Download €6

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Music = Medicine van Sevak Preet