From the earliest moment I can remember I have been fascinated about music. If you would ask the 3-old me what he wanted in life, the answer would be: to be a guitarplayer. And so I learned to play the guitar, started singing, and wondered around in various musical landscapes; classical, rock, punk, metal, worldmusic, pop. I bought a sitar and got to know Indian music, got a djembe and learned to play rhythm. When I felt I needed to study I choose Music Business. In my twenties I started travelling and discovered about alternative medicine practice and spirituality and how music plays a big part in these. And so I studied and applied soundhealing, learned about mantra's, worked with singing bowl meditation and massage. Then when shamanism became a bigger part in my life, I came to be a musician guiding various ceremonies, learning how to heal with music.

During all of these escapades, I have always been writing my own songs. This is a way for me to put life's situations into perspective, to express my thoughts and feelings
and to share myself with others. In this, music has been the best friend I could ever have.

The search for my (musical) self has lead me all over the world, and still is. Inspiration and motivation
are to be found in every moment, in every person and every culture. There I find that music is the one thing that connects us all, it is the language we can all understand. It's a cure, or at worst, an aid in sickness, it's a friend in need, and a partner in celebration. It has been said that music will be the medicine of the future, and I think it might very well be, for we are just starting to discover
the power of music and it's multitude of applications.

If anything in life, I wish to be sailing under this flag, Music=Medicine to help spread it to all corners and layers of the world, see it touching the hearts of the people and connecting them with themselves and each other and to witness all the joy that it emanates from it!