Creative allignment

Lately I've been helping a lot of people out alligning them with their own innate source of creativity. By opening the pathway for the creative power to freely flow, your Being becomes able to manifest itself effortlessly through you.
I am working on guitar play, singing and writing. Feel welcome to contact me for more information.

Houson, we are online

æ is taking flight, we are now online! Make shure to check it out on Spotify or Deezer, or purchase a copy of your own through Itunes or Google Play.

The new record is OUT!

I am happy as can be to share the new record æ with you. It carries a very diverse blend of music styles, with a lot of heart and a lot of soul. Containing some very gifted guest musicians and full arrangements to really take you on a journey!

Check out new music on the player above, or get the full thing digitally or physically by pressing the botton below!

May it serve you well

Final amount delivered

The full amount of money we raised for Music4Nepal is..dadatada: € 1159,- !! On 22th of April I handed over the money and it's on it way to Nepal now!


19/05/2019 Amsterdam, Netherlands OpenUp-dag
26/05/2019 Beneden Leeuwen, Netherlands Chanté Peta
24-28/05/2019 Baarlo, Netherlands OpenUp zomerfestival

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